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A Look at Mtn Dew’s DewSA Graphics


DEW SA Bottle

I posted a picture of Mtn Dew’s DewSA bottle last month so I wanted to post a few pictures of the can carton. Sorry no cans yet so no pictures of those. It will be out in May 2017 and only on the market through the summer.

Mtn Dew - Dew SA carton

Mtn Dew - Dew SA front

Mtn Dew - Dew SA side

Mtn Dew - Dew SA flat


  1. Ugotknifed says:

    Do you know of any summer promotion?

  2. Bobby says:

    That looks great i cant wait

  3. Dewd says:

    It’s delicious. I also like the idea, flavors are like different people. And we all live together in this great nation to become one delicious flavor. It’s nice to see a uniting thing while in such dividing times. Unlike Pepsi, Mountain Dew wants to unite everyone. I approve!

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