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DEW Inner Circle Promo Items


Here are the eight items currently available from Dew Inner Circle

Dew Inner Circle Item 1

Dew Inner Circle Item 2

Dew Inner Circle Item 3

Dew Inner Circle Item 4

Dew Inner Circle Item 5

Dew Inner Circle Item 6

Dew Inner Circle Item 7

Dew Inner Circle Item 8


  1. Ugotknifed says:

    Went to circle k twice and both times they couldn’t get this to work. They’re listed as a participating location but idk what’s up.

    • MtnDewKid says:

      They scanned my phone and it showed up on the receipt, but no points were awarded. I need to check mine again.

  2. William Price says:

    I’ve searched everywhere for info on the action sorts camera they are promoting for the inner circle rewards. I’d like to try to find the brand, model, type, etc. That way I can make the decision to either use my reward points on it, or choose another item. Could you try to find info on the action sports camera for me? Thanks so much. =)

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