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Mountain Dew DewShine


Mountain Dew DewShine

2015 – Now Soda Clear Citrus

This flavor is only available in four bottle cardboard pack.


  1. Jandro says:

    where and when can i buy this?

  2. Phillip Lail Jr says:

    Oh yeah this is a must have item. Do the Dew for sure.

  3. Adam Santic says:

    I bought this product yesterday at Walmart in a four pack! Get this product as soon as possible!

  4. Ray says:

    Is it supossed to be so strong tasting? I don’t drink achol, so does it aheva achol flavor to it that I am tasting?

  5. Adam Santic says:

    This flavor is also available in singles at places. But those are very hard to find. The four pack is easy to find. I like this flavor! You can really taste the real sugar and the carbonation from the pop!

  6. Quinn says:

    I have these everywhere where I live. I can buy them at 7/11

  7. Catlover1019 says:

    Why is this product listed as Mtn Dew Deewshine? The other flavors that you list that came out after the logo change are all still listed as “Mountain Dew.”

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