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New Mountain Dew – DEW.S.A.


Is it 4th of July yet?

I found out about this flavor a while back from a Pepsi friend but only the taste test version, so no graphics. Today Johnny a friend on Twitter sent me a photo and now it makes more sense. Dew S.A. is like U.S.A, this I would assume will be out for 4th of July. The flavor is a combination of Code Red, White Out and Voltage… Red, White and Blue.

Mountain Dew also did a 4th of July promotion back in 2014, read more here: Mtn Dew Red White and Blue Combo Packs.

Mountain Dew SA sml


  1. DEWcision says:

    Looks awesome! Can you comment the link to John’s Twitter?

  2. PitchBlackDew says:

    will this be the only flavor we get for a Summer Promo? If so, It seems a little disappointing.especially to someone who’s been waiting forever for the return of Revolution.

  3. YES! I actually thought if mixed Mountain Dews were to come out. This is awesome!

  4. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    I loved Amp “Tradin’ Paint” and I hope this mashup is just as awesome.

  5. David Nail says:

    So basically a mixed version of all the rejected flavors….Nice job Pepsi..

  6. Inside Soda Girl says:

    If you are located in South Jersey, you will see this product sooner then the 4th of July. Keep your eyes pealed!

  7. Mackynzie B Gish says:

    It tastes almost just like Supernova!!! I love it!!! They say it’s supposed to taste like a Bomb Pop, it definitely smells like one.

  8. kekistani says:

    D.S.A! D.S.A! D.S.A! WOOT WOOT!

  9. gster04 says:

    I swear I saw a bottle o f this on the side of the road, i could be wrong though

  10. Christine Workman says:

    I tried this today for the first time!! It is FANFREAKINTASTIC!!!!! I am a die hard Voltage drinker, I don’t like any of the other flavors, but this new one is AWESOME!!! I will be so angry if it comes and goes!!!! I am in South Carolina in a hole in the wall town so I imagine its just about everywhere now. If you like the Voltage, you will love this one!!!

  11. Maryanne krakowski says:

    How long will it be on the store shelves I’m going to Casper Wyoming Monday May 1st 2017 an I want to buy it at the Casper Wyoming Walmart



  13. Mary Reinhard says:

    you number does not work for the new mountain dew

  14. Chris Moore says:

    Can you please proofread your articles before posting them? “Since”?!?

  15. Judith Meadows says:

    Love the new USA flavor.

  16. Love the new USA flavor

  17. Jeff Michener says:

    Been drinking Mt Dew for 30 years, on average 4 to 6 cans a day. What is this garbage in the new cans ? When the light green can came out the taste went down the toilet. Most of my friends that drank Mt dew noticed it also. So it was fun while it lasted but no more DEW here.

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