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Pepsi’s Merchandise Site With Dew Stuff


The other day I found a website that is used by Pepsi for their marketing merchandise called Ideas Unlimited. Their website is at and it currently has 168 Mtn Dew related items listed on it, with the US or Canadian logo.

You have to work for Pepsi and have a department number to charge the items to in order to get something from the site. So why am I writing about it then… I found it to be a cool site to browse and see what kind of Dew merchandise they give away to merchants and consumers.

Ideas Unlimited Pepsi Site

Click here to search for Dew stuff their site.

Below are a few of the Dew items on the site:

Mtn Dew Cooler

Mtn Dew Fridge

Mtn Dew Mini Fridge

Mtn Dew Portable Fridge

Mtn Dew Polo Shirt

Mtn Dew Jacket

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  1. ugotknifed says:

    so dope!

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