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Review of Mtn Dew Green Label


Mtn Dew Green Label main

Mtn Dew Green Label will be out very soon… I don’t know the official release date but with production underway I would say it has to me maybe end of April if not sooner. I’ve even seen some signage and promotional material for it in stores.

This new “Label” sub-brand of Dew is Crafted Green Apple Kiwi. The can is just like the Black and White Labels with just has a few word changes and the overall color change. The product package is in my opinion better than the White Label; green just screams Mtn Dew and color stands out more.

Mtn Dew Green Label wording

This Dew smells great! It definitely smells like green apple, not sure I smell kiwi at all. Over my hour of photographing and writing this article either I got use to the smell or it lost the smell. I did enjoy it but now its gone.

Mtn Dew Green Label top

I’ve been drinking it for about 30 minutes now and I can go on and on about the taste but to sum it up, I think the taste is like sour green candy apple. For a while it tasted like candy apple to me but I was ignoring all those other flavors. I really like apple flavored things and this one does not disappoint.

Mtn Dew Green Label back

I can see myself buying it when it comes out but only when I need a change from my old favorites. However, its the only apple flavored drink on the market that I know of that I would buy.


  1. Connor says:

    The color is really unique imo.

  2. Jon says:

    Is this going to be like the other labels where it’s released in campus’s first? Also what’s the upc number??

  3. Michael says:

    What’s the color compared to other Dews? Looks like Distortion/Tropical Gamefuel.

  4. Freiteez says:

    Had some of this today. Surprisingly found some at a 99ยข store here in Reno Nevada.

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