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Review of Mtn Dew Spiked – Raspberry Lemonade


Mtn Dew Spiked Raspberry front

Mtn Dew is releasing a new sub-brand of Dew called Spiked. This is one of currently only two flavors in the Spiked brand. “Spiked” gets it name from the fact that it is “spiked with prickly pear cactus juice”. These are NOT spiked with any alcoholic or adult type beverages. These are only going to be available in 16oz cans.

Mtn Dew Spiked Raspberry bottom

The cans artwork is similar to that of the Kickstart sub-brand with a faded background image of the new regular Mtn Dew graphics. I actually prefer the Spiked can design over the Kickstart can designs; to me it is simple and stylish. They aren’t as over the top as most energy drink designs are, which I think is really nice.

Mtn Dew Spiked Raspberry words

The most interesting thing about this new drink I think is the fact that it says “No Artificial Sweeteners” on the side. It is 140 calories just like Mtn Dew White and Green labels but it doesn’t have the added sucralose and acesulfame potassium. Sucralose is a low-calorie sweetener and acesulfame potassium is a calorie-free sweetener. Spiked is actually low calorie drink yet with no fake sugar; thats really great in my book.

Spiked Raspberry Lemonade looks like pink lemonade and smells like fruit and citrus. The taste is half familiar, with the raspberry and citrus coming out on top but the prickly pear is still strong and has a unique taste. It has a light body but it is still a bold flavorful drink and it might just because one of my favorites of the year… Well, I still need to taste test Spiked Lemonade tomorrow and I am really looking forward to now.

Mtn Dew Spiked Raspberry back

I think is going to be a hit and I look forward to seeing more flavors in the future.

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  1. justin says:

    tastes like carbonated tomato soup to me

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