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The Dew General Store 2014


It looks like the new Mtn Dew General Store for 2014 is ran through Facebook and not on its own website like previous years. The link will redirect you to the Dollar General Facebook app.

UPDATE: The link goes to a version of the site not hosted in Facebook.

Basically it’s still the same promotion 1) Buy any participating Mountain Dew® products at Dollar General® Stores beginning 2/26/14 through 12/21/14 to earn points. Buy Doritos® with your Mountain Dew® and earn (1) bonus point 2) Set up your Dew® General Store account and enter code(s) from your receipt(s) to earn Dew® points in your account. All codes must be entered by 12/21/14. 3) Redeem your Dew® points by 12/31/14 for great Dew® Gear. (Free shipping included!).

The Dew General Store 2014 web


  1. Jeremy Pelham says:

    Anybody enter a code and get the points awarded to your account. I still havent seen any change to my account after entering a code on Monday 03.03.14.

  2. lorie says:

    And I cannot put 2 of my codes in (worth 44 points according to the point system) OUCH

    • MtnDewKid says:

      I’ve entered the first code I got three times in the last few weeks and it still hasn’t posted to my account. So, I know how you feel.

  3. Rory says:

    Are you guys getting points when you buy Lime or Black Cherry Kick start? So far I have not been getting points when I buy those flavors.

    • MtnDewKid says:

      Actually I’m glad someone else noticed this. I bought a few Black Cherry Kickstarts but got no code on my receipt. I emailed customer service and now they want me to email them a scan of the receipt.

  4. Willie says:

    I can’t believe this is the way promotions are being handled now. Prizelogic handled the promotion for The Dark Knight Rises and that worked flawlessly. Buy products, enter codes, immediately receive points and then wait for products to become available that you wanted and redeem.

    Has anyone received their 5 points they were supposed to receive after signing up? I went out and bought 1200 points worth so I could get one of everything and I have yet to receive any points. I inquired and after about 10 emails not answering my questions, I’m told that the instant 5 points will take as long as two weeks to be received. In that time, the Xbox and neon sign might be gone. I expected “48-72 hours” to be the MAX time I would wait, not the minimum as it seems to be.

    • MtnDewKid says:

      I agree its not a perfect system, but being a programmer myself I know communication between two systems especially two companies and one being a point of sale isn’t fast. However there has to be a better way. I have entered 7 receipts myself and only 2 have posted to my account.

      Wow, 1200 points, way to go!

      • Willie says:

        Just out of curiosity if you remember, how long did it take for your 2 to post from the time you entered them? Did you enter them early in the promotion? I just found out about it from the Mountain Dew email (I believe on Friday) that offered 5 points and a coupon for a free dew for signing up by the 31st, so I’m almost a month late to the party. Worst case scenario, I just hope they restock the gear as I’m really getting worried about the lag time. I understand the programming aspect, but I guess I was extremely optimistic about the speed everything would happen at. The notice of 48-72 hours worried me, but now from the few comments I’ve found around the net it seems that they’re not even close to that timeframe.

        By the way, found your site by googling dew general store to try and find more people in the same boat. I was shocked at the lack of publicity the campaign seems to be getting. I have already bookmarked you so I can be sure to find out about any developments regarding my beverage of choice. Can’t wait for the Baja Blast campaign as I’ve been wishing for a way to stockpile it for years. I think it has become the only reason I visit Taco Bell as much as I do.

        • MtnDewKid says:

          Those 2 codes took about 4 days. Not sure of the procedure they follow when awarding points but I don’t think it’s always the same based on the comments.

          The first 2 years there was also little to no publicity but some of the small Dew promo have been like that. If they follow the same course as they did last year then they should restock once or twice with more of the same items and even new items.

  5. Darren says:

    I really don’t have an issue with the site taking my points but I can’t get on the order page to get the products, the help link doesn’t work…any ideas? Thanks

    • Jennifer says:

      Try going on a laptop or desktop if not working on mobile. I’ve not had an issue using my iphone/safari. Wish you could text in codes like other sites do but, oh well…: hope this helps!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I’ve ordered a mt dew duffel bag and still have not received my product. Anyone know how long it takes to receive what you have ordered? Thanks!!

    • krista dudley says:

      I got enough points for the MDew folding chair and submitted it in April and still NO chair….whoever is in charge of this doesn’t seem to care about their customers spending money on products and trying to get things to them!! Very disappointed!!! I wish I had a number to talk to them!!!!

      • MtnDewKid says:

        I ordered the watch in April to and haven’t got it yet. I know some of the prizes have already arrived so I guess some just take longer than others.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Also a few months ago I received an email that gave me a free 5 points. I don’t remember the code but I could look on my account to see if it’s a code that mother could use. I wish they would give out free codes… Anyone else no about fee codes you can get other than purchasing through dollar general?

  8. Kim says:

    I have ordered a t-shirt months ago and have not recieved it yet.beginning to wonder if it was a waste of my time.Its been a couple yrs since this was posted,just wondering if anyone recieved theres?

  9. Pamela Sue Merideth says:

    I haven’t got my prize and ordered it on 11/3/2015. Why is it taken so long.

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