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The Mountain Dew General Store Items


This is a list of stuff you could get from the Mountain Dew General Store a promotion at This promotion is at Dollar General Stores beginning February 27, 2013 through November 30, 2013.

Mountain Dew General Store

Dale Jr. Experience: Airfare for 2 from recipient’s home to Charlotte in October 2013, rental car, 3 nights hotel, 2 tickets to race at Charlotte Motor Speedway with VIP treatment, pit and garage tours, 2 NASCAR Hall of Fame tickets, 3 laps around the racetrack with Dale Earnhardt Jr, Meet and Greet with Dale Earnhardt Jr, 2 Gift Bags and $250 Spending Money. 1000 points

Dew Crew Lanyard: 15 points

Dew Crew Decal: 10 points

Slap Koozie Set: Set of 2, 25 points

Duffle Bag: Mtn Dew Duffle Bag is 10″ H x 8.5″ W x 19″ L, 50 points

Tailgate Chair: Mtn Dew Tailgate Chair comes with a bag and is rated to 300 lbs, 50 points

Dale Jr Blanket: 75 points

Dew Hoodie: Mtn Dew Hoodie has a zip-up front, size XL only, 60 points

Die Cast Car: 50 points

Mountain Dew Soft-Sided Cooler: Mountain Dew Insulated Cooler Bag, 40 points


  1. david wolfe says:

    this website is a joke I’ve been trying to find out if they are going to restock the items that are already out and nobody knows nothing so why have a promotion that runs almost 7 months and not restock the items that people are saving their points 4

    • MtnDewKid says:

      The website isn’t run by Mtn Dew. I have also never seen them restock anything, just add new items. At the rate they are going it seems they will be adding more new items in a few month, but who knows.

    • MtnDewKid says:

      They just restocked all but 2 of the items today.

  2. DEF JAM says:

    The Mountain Dew Bike was out of stock but it has been added again I see. I only have 64 points. Been collecting them like crazy for about 3 weeks. 500 points for the bike that has no shocks lol. Just imagine the resell value on Ebay ha ha ha. There are 5 bikes on Ebay right now selling for $199 – $1,895. I bet this bike will be worth more because it has a bigger frame and better tires.

    • MtnDewKid says:

      I actually got one before than ran out and restocked. I just haven’t gotten my confirmation email for it being shipped yet. I mainly got it by buying 100 cans of KickStart; each was worth 5 points.

  3. merle says:

    is this some kind of scam or what? i have been saving points for 3 or 4 months that means i have bought a lot of mountain dew.i have 227 points and the only thing in stock is a skateboard a lanyard slap coozie and one wants this crap.i know as much mountain dew that it takes to get points they have sold enough to restock all the items.they have made a lot of money from this scam.if they dont restock soon i will start drinking something else.i check 2times every day.

    • MtnDewKid says:

      The contest has been going for about nine months now and I think they have restocked three times so far, so they should be restocking soon. I’m a big Dew drinker to and I have already used about 750 points for stuff. I also have some points left and will have to wait for them to restock to get something because I dont want anything they currently have.

  4. merle says:

    this has to be the worst contest ever.not only have they still not restocked,the last 5 codes i have entered were invalid.that is what they said.i still have the reciepts and i have checked to make sure i entered them right and i did.that is over 20 points.i think this sucks.i am going to call monday.if they dont fix it they have lost a customer.

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