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Vintage Mountain Dew Hillbilly Advertising Clock


Bidding was high this week on a pretty nice condition vintage Mountain Dew Hillbilly clock that was auctioned off online. Its was a 15 inch clock described to have no pitting on the exterior ring, no pitting or rusting on the outer back box, no fading or peeling of paint on and no scratches on the glass dome; however it was missing the label of the back. It was also noted as in working order, lights up, keeps time and is quiet.

The clock was a Pam clock or Pam style advertising clock. The Pam Clock Company is best known for its metal and glass, back-lit advertising clocks from the 1950s. The clock face style is either the companys logo or design painted on the reverse side of the glass face; like this one was.

The clock was up for auction for only 7 days and received a total of 37 bids from 13 different bidders. By the time it was all over the winning bidder had won it for $470 plus another $25 for shipping.

Vintage Mountain Dew Hillbilly Clock Front

Vintage Mountain Dew Hillbilly Clock Back


  1. William Aronson says:

    Sadly, PAM did not manufacture a round Mountain Dew clock until approximately 5 years ago. It may very well be that this person overpaid for this item as they sell on eBay for just under $300.

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